Personal Finance

Personal Finance in particular is very close to our heart. We have developed a unique training program on personal financialmanagement. It is also available on a DVD. Use this link to view a trailer.
In personal finance, we cover all the aspects of an individual’s financial life. We understand that personal finance for anyone is of paramount importance, hence we don’t take chances. We have a very scientific approach to deal in personal finance.

We have a dedicated research team, councilors and trainers for personal financial management. Our clientele range from different economic and social strata of the economy.

We provide comprehensive advisory services under our Portfolio Management Services. Under the aegis of PMS, we manage and develop your entire portfolio. You are also allowed to participate in developing the portfolio.

We provide advise on different mediums of investments, such as:

Cash Category Investments, Fixed Investments and Other Investments

Personal Financial Management

is managing an individual’s cash flow,

by keenly observing finance fundamentals,

so that

the individual and his/her family’s financial well-being is protected.